CU Leadership Convention

CU Leadership Convention


The CU Leadership Convention has been running annually for 45 years. The convention is a great place for credit union leaders to meet and share ideas as well as network.

Jackson Design has been producing all of the branding for this conference for the last 12 years. In 2018, Jackson Design was tasked with completely rebranding the conference with the name switch from Directors & CEOs Leadership Convention to CU Leadership Convention. We wanted to keep a familiarity with the old logo but make it more modern with a design element that would set the convention logo apart from competitors (the original logo was not designed by us and had been used for 18 years).

A circular element was designed that is bold with 4 half circles rotating and working together. The color palette is bright and eye catching. Jackson Design won 1st place for Best Complete Redesign from the SIPA organization in 2019.


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