The CCMI logo was outdated and, being a telecommunications company, the client was worried that the integrity of their products could be viewed as not cutting edge. CCMI wanted to keep aspects of the original logo so it was still recognizable as CCMI in the industry.  They also wanted a complete website redesign.

Military Periscope is a subsidiary company of CCMI. The client wanted the Military Periscope website updated keeping the original colors and logo. We also redesigned their brochure, business cards and other marketing materials.

The client was pleased with the solutions for all projects. We also designed all conference collateral for several years until CCMI was sold.


CCMI is the choice of the leading telecom companies in the industry and is a trusted source for telecom data and information. They have also delivered high-quality services and events to communication services providers and enterprise end-users since 1971.

Military Periscope is an online knowledge base for accurate open-source global defense information. They offer in-depth coverage of orders of battle, equipment inventories, plans and programs for more than 165 nations. Users also have access to up-to-date information on significant international terrorist organizations.


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